Hello World!

Welcome to The Door into Promised Lands, and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Rotwein Wanderer named after Rotweinwanderweg, or the Red Wine Hiking Trail in Germany I enjoyed this summer (about which I shall write later on). I am a wanderer through my life searching for hidden gems to feed my soul. And I believe I myself am serendipitous!

This blog is going to be mainly about travel and food –  about the gems I have found through my travels (something like a “travel meets food” story) and in my daily life. And also, tiny little things in every day life that made me smile/happy/thrilled etc.

I hope this blog helps someone to find his/her own hidden gems, or makes him/her smile. And likewise, hope someone will drop me a hint which leads to the gems, or make me smile.

Happy blogging!


11 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Hi Rotwein, nice to meet you. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for following me at Lynne’s Recipe Trails. I am excited to visit your amazing blog 🙂 Take care and chat soon. x

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  2. A delight to discover your blog and be able to follow into your travels and get a taste of the über-delicious recipes! Thank you for your visit on my website 🙂
    Many greets from Berlin and a wonderful time,

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    1. Thank you for finding me and for the words! I’m honoured! über means over, doesn’t it? German prepositions are ALSO difficult to learn!! Berlin – one of the cities I like very much and hoping to come back! Freut mich sehr.

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  3. Über=over (very), yes! 🙂 Totally agreed, German is a labyrinth, i still discover hidden “pathways” and still feel bemused when it´s about articles…
    Glad to hear you like Berlin – do feel welcome anytime here! 😀


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