Vinegret – Russian Beetroot Salad

I joined Postcrossing about two months ago.
It’s a joy and a little excitement to receive/write postcards from/to random people around the world.

Even choosing suitable cards for the recipients is enjoyable. It’s not a request, but many refer in their profiles to the postcards they would like to receive. So I followed them:


You know, it’s not my only preference! I am obsessed with food though. 😀

I have sent 15  (4 more travelling now) and received 18 cards so far. Not all, but some of the cards delivered to me are food-related, for example, one from the Netherlands with a photo of chips dipped in mayo, and a few with a food recipe I hadn’t come across in my life. Out of curiosity, definitely out of appetite, I decided to try them and to blog for the record hoping it also stirs someone’s interest or satisfies his/her appetite.

So the first try came to a Vinegret, Russian beetroot salad, recipe travelled from Moscow. The beautiful bright pink colour caught my eyes and appetised me, and I thought the sourness would be perfect for summer.

vinegret recipe postcard I received

Pare cooked beet and shred it, dice (or cut into strips) cooked carrots (pared), and dice cooked potatoes (in their skins). Cut cucumbers into strips or dice them, slice onion (finely). Then, join  the ingredients obtained, add peas, salt, sauerkraut, a bit of vinegar, sunflower oil, and mix everything well. Put the vinegret into a salad-dish and decorate with parsley (twigs).
 (‘cooked’ indicates ‘boiled’)

I followed the recipe with some changes:
Halved the quantity of ingredients (on the photo above). As substitutes, used gherkins (3 pieces) for cucumber, olive oil for sunflower oil, and a tinned beetroot because it’s difficult to obtain the fresh vegetable where I live in. Soaked finely chopped onion in water for a while and dried with paper towel to reduce its strong and sharp taste. Then added some liquid from the tin to colour the salad and from the jar of gherkins to taste. Instead of parsley, sprinkled with fresh dill as the postcard shows. For better taste, refrigerated for a couple of hours.

I made the salad mildly sour, and before serving, mixed in chopped dill, which gave it pleasant aroma and flavour. Not sure if it properly tasted, as I haven’t had the authentic dish, but I believe it was pretty good. 🙂

vinegret russian salad

I’ll definitely make this again, and it’s a must if I could run into fresh beetroot.

russian stamps


4 thoughts on “Vinegret – Russian Beetroot Salad

  1. I’m so glad to read that my card has inspired you to try the recipe! By the way, Vinegred sometimes is called “Russian salad”, too. On the photo it looks like the authentic dish – almost the same as I cook at home 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Ageshka,

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and the comment as well. I’m honoured!!
      Glad to know it looks authentic. Thank you again for sending me the recipe card 🙂

      Happy Postcrossing!



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