Vinegret Revisited (+ Borsch)


I’m really into beetroot these days….




I’ve been making Borsch every single weekend for the last one month since I obtained fresh beetroot for the first time in my life  😀

Here in this country, the vegetable is not that common and not easily available, but I luckily found it IS available during the winter from a farmers market near my workplace, which opens every Friday! That’s why I’m cooking the soup at weekends.


Ukrainian Borscht w/ Russian Black Bread
Ukrainian Borsch w/ Russian Black Bread (Borodinsky?)


The other day, while I had been addicted to the dish, I received an exactly the same postcard from another Postcrosser in Russia: the Vinegret recipe postcard.


two vinegret postcards


Hmmmm… seems as if it had been sent on purpose to remind me to make Vinegret again, not with tinned one but with fresh beetroot!! Yes, I wrote “I’ll definitely make this again, and it’s a must if I could run into fresh beetroot” on my 10th of September post! (As for the card and cooking, please read Vinegret.) Well, I was too obsessed with Borsch, and it had slipped out of mind….


vinegret russian salad
My first Vinegret in September 2015


So I was urged to make the Russian salad again. Not reluctantly, of course!! 😀


My second Vinegret in December 2015




How beautiful…. I like the magenta colour, which is more vivid than of tinned beetroot salad. This tastes more fresh and tasty, and its earthy flavour is less intense. I wish it were obtainable in summer as well!

Thank you so much for the reminder, dear Postcrosser in Russia!


vinegret stamps



2 thoughts on “Vinegret Revisited (+ Borsch)

  1. Hi Rotwein! Glad to hear that the recipe on my card has inspired you so much!
    One note: the soup is called “Borsch”, not “Borscht”.
    It is not only Ukrainian dish, there are variations called “Moscow borsch”, “Kuban borsch”, and so on.

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