Wagashi of the Month: February

This month’s Wagashi confectionery is flower and bird shaped. Tsubaki, camellia flower and Uguisu, Japanese bush warbler both symbolise the coming of spring.

These are Namagashi, wet/fresh confectionery, and the Namagashi made from Nerikiri dough, or smooth sweetened white bean paste is called Nerikiri. The paste is usually coloured to be formed into motifs of the season.

Marriage of Namagashi and green tea, especially Maccha green tea is fantastic! That’s why I used to take tea ceremony classes 😀


wagashi - uguisu, a bush warbler
Harutsugedori, a bird that heralds spring (Uguisu, a bush warbler)


wagashi - Tsubaki, camellia
Tsubaki, camellia


wagashi - uguisu



wagashi - camellia


Spring is just around the corner!


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