Lamb and Fennel Stew – recipe from Tasty Eats


My ‘Sunday Roast (Braise)’ yesterday


Ronit's Lamb and Fennel Stew
Ronit’s Lamb and Fennel Stew (pic from her Tasty Eats blog) – looks much better and must be much much much more yummy than mine!

I have been playing with fennel for the last one month as I’m really into the vegetable lately (read my posts: Macco and Bucatini con Sarde). This is like I did with beetroot last year, so Ronit’s Lamb and Fennel Stew recipe was added to the top of my to-do list as soon as it appeared on the Worldpress Reader. I gave it a try yesterday, which turned out to be satisfaction – no, more than that!

This was absolutely fantastic!! The sauce tasted really beautiful even before oven braising!! (I realised why Ronit recommends orange blossom honey when adding it.) I couldn’t hardly wait for two hours! Well, it was worthwhile waiting though!!  Of course, lamb and fennel bulb were tasty as well!

I basically followed her recipe, but substituted some ingredients that I couldn’t find:

lamb chops
1 tbsp preserved lemon paste (for preserved lemon)
1 tbsp salsa sauce (for hot sauce and pickled hot red chili pepper)
Arak (for Uozo)

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe, Ronit. I will probably try this again before I drink up the bottle of Arak 😀 and another stew, Lamb Stew with Tomatoes, Okra and Dried Apricots, while Okra is in season but before it gets really hot in the summer.

Enjoy Ronit’s wonderful stew!

(Pics and article from Ronit Penso’s Tasty Eats blog with lots of intriguing recipes)

This quick and easy to prepare stew is the perfect dish for this season, when spring somehow refuses to fully arrive, yet the heavier winter’s stews are not as happily accepted. Fennel is a wonderf…

Source: Lamb and Fennel Stew


15 thoughts on “Lamb and Fennel Stew – recipe from Tasty Eats

  1. This does sound good. I love fennel and mainly eat it raw in salads. I’ve yet to find a good cooked fennel recipe, but this one could be it! Love it turns such a beautiful golden colour.

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