Caponata or Shakshuka?

Caponata? Shakshuka? Or Huevos a la Flamenca  (Flamenca Eggs)? 😀

My lunch today: Caponata + Shakshka with homemade Pitta bread
I made a pot of Caponata (going to post the recipe sometime later) last weekend and have been enjoying it for the last X days LOL! and feel bored …. So I added some garlic (fried in olive oil), chili, paprika and eggs, then garnished with basil. Also baked some pittas to accompany.


Caponata or Shakshuka?


Memoirs of a Foodie 
I have had really nice Shakshuka in Yaffo, or Jaffa near Tel Aviv – the best Shakshuka I’ve ever had.  I wish I could go back to Dr. Shakshuka again …. Their hummus was tasty as well!


Shakshuka @ Dr. Shakshuka
Hummus @ Dr. Shakshuka
Interior of Dr. Shakshuka – full of antiques
Yaffo / Jaffa


I was invited to a friend’s wedding in Israel five years ago. It was a tight schedule, but I could manage to see Jerusalem.




After the Old City, enjoyed bites at Mahane Yehuda Market! 😀
The Halva was sooooo fantastic!! Unforgettable ….


Halva halva halva!




7 thoughts on “Caponata or Shakshuka?

  1. Great minds think alike – I’ve just made a batch of Caponata!
    I love the idea of the mix with shakshuka, and definitely agree that Dr. Shakshuka is one of the best there are.
    I’m glad you had a chance to visit Mahane Yehuda Market. It’s one of my favorites and I go there every time I visit Jerusalem, especially to that wonderful Halva stand… 🙂

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