Wagashi of the Month: Minazuki

Here comes June again –  the month of Minazuki, June in the lunar calendar, and the month for Minazuki, a confection. One of my colleagues brought the latter Minazuki from Gionmanju in Kyoto for me, so once again I am posting this Wagashi.


Wagashi of the Month: June last year


Kyoto Trip in Minazuki Day 1  from my post last year:


Kyoto Trip in Minazuki Day 2 and Minazuki sweets from my post last year:




7 thoughts on “Wagashi of the Month: Minazuki

  1. Oh my! Reading through your posts about your trip last year tickled my travel-bug awake again~! Kyoto has always been one of my holy-grail travel destinations, satisfying all needs a traveler like me could dream up, your wonderful posts have proven that to me once more 😀 Of course “food” is one of my top reasons, right next to “stunning scenery”. Hubby and I have been putting off a trip to Japan for far too long!

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