Christmas Markets in Germany and Riga 2017

It has been too hectic for the last three months to come here and read your posts – sometimes I had to work at weekends. Sorry guys, but I will try to catch up during this festive period.

The photos below are from my Christmas market tour last year. Hope you all have a very happy holiday season!!



I was dreaming of a white Christmas…, but no snow!

If you are going to purchase a Dresdner Christstollen, try Schreiber ‘s!!




Rothenburg ob der Tauber 

Snow in Rothenburg!!!



Made a visit to Munich on the day of Krampus!




Also chose the day to see Das Engelsspiel.

Engelsspiel / Angel Performance




Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler 


Ahrweiler Markt



No snow even in Riga!

Believe or not, but it is said that the first ever Christmas tree was set-up and decorated in market square, Riga in 1510.

Monument to the First Christmas Tree on the plaque marking the site of the first New Years (Christmas) tree ceremony

13 thoughts on “Christmas Markets in Germany and Riga 2017

  1. Fantastic pictures~! Having left the country for my travels and getaways during the past few years, I’ve actually forgotten how many beautiful spots and cities I have basically sitting right on my doorstep! You should swing by the south-western route on your next trip, though 😀 Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Konstanz – and anything in between and around, for that matter – are beautiful during any time of the year… and all of those cities have exceptionally beautiful Christmas Markets too~ Ooook, enough of me advertising my corner of the world 😀 Happy New Year! To health, happiness and exciting travels~!

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