Wagashi of the Month: August


Towards the end of August… but the very hot weather will continue one more moth. We are still in the midst of summer and seeking for coolness through five senses. The green colour and the fresh smell of bamboo and the leaf evoke a sense of coolness.


Kuzu-mochi, a clear jelly of Kuzu (starch from Kuzu or Kudzu Root) wrapped in a bamboo leaf. Kuzu-mochi is also considered a summer dessert.


Nadeshiko flower – Dianthus or Pink


Yokan, gelled sweet bean paste, in a bamboo tube





Wagashi of the Month: July


Kingyo, or goldfish fascinates many people with its beautiful colours and adorable shapes. Here in Japan, the fish is most popular in summer as Japanese people regard that its gently swaying tail in water evokes a sense of coolness.



Another one is Himawari, or sunflower. I think the flower is a bit modern motif, not a traditional one, but it was too pretty to pass over!




We are still stuck in the raining season although it’s high time it had been over. Well, I’d rather this than the awful heat and humidity waiting ahead though….