High Tea in Lustleigh, Devon 2019

Just a quick post for National Afternoon Week in the UK.

(I have been hoping to come back to the blog, but my second job has forced me to work without any days off for over three months 😦  )

Last year, I stopped by Dartmoor National Park on the way back from Cornwall. At first I was going to see the place where The Hounds of Baskerville is set, however, it ended up with a lovely walk and high tea in so-called ‘the prettiest village in Dartmoor’.

This charming Lustleigh, located in the eastern section of Dartmoor National Park, is an ideal rural English village with many beautiful thatched cottages, narrow lanes and lush green woodland.

Wanted to have dinner with a pint at the pub.

Okay, it’s tea time!

Primrose Tea Room in a thatched cottage
Primrose Tea Room’s High Tea
They were happy to change one of two rolls to a crumpet.
To be honest, I am for the Cornish way (jam first), but followed ‘In Rome, do as the Romans do’ and enjoyed the scone with the Devon way (cream first).
Their Victoria sponge is also ‘cream first’!

How could I resist some more cakes?  Their Devon apple cake was superb – takeawayed JUST one slice 😀

for cider?

Lastly, don’t forget to visit the community orchard.

stone throne for May Queen

Hoping to come back to Lustleigh someday for its May Day celebration, the maypole dance and Morris dancing.

Lustleigh May Queen in 1958 (source: Lustleigh Community Archive)

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